Monday, August 30, 2010

Shameless Advertising

     Awesome, I aced my acoustics test! I only have a couple of weeks until finals. I'm gonna miss school.... I won't have "free" access to such good studios anymore :( I'm hoping I win the lottery or something so I can build my own, but I haven't quite figured out the trick to winning the lottery. I am, however, working on a project right now that requires me to fully design a studio with a realistic budget (although it's not very realistic to me, since I'm a poor college student with no credit) and decide what my fees will be and all that good shit.

     Speaking of being a poor college student with no credit, I'd like to take a moment to whore myself. I hate to brag, but I do some pretty kickass mixing and mastering, so if anyone happens to need any of that stuff done for a pretty low price, then hit me up! I don't have a website yet (workin on it), but I do have some sample material.

     Ok, enough of that.  I wish I could have discussed some interesting audio-related topic, but I have a lot of stuff I gotta go do. I've got a project due next week, three huge projects due in 3 weeks, finals in 3 weeks, and I'm also trying to finish a personal project.


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