Sunday, August 29, 2010


    I though I'd share my experiences as an audio engineering student. I never talk about school (or anything audio-related) outside of school. None of my friends seem to understand that audio engineering is more than just pushing up a fader while someone's singing, and my family doesn't seem to have any interest in it unless they're asking "so how much money are you gonna make when you get a job?" or "Are you gonna be able to find a decent job? Maybe you should just try to get a job doing something with computers."

     I don't have much to say right now, as I'm studying for an acoustics test and simultaneously doing some edits to a country song I tracked yesterday, which by the way, was a first for me. I've never really been into country music, but I actually like this song. The band came in and had to really rush though the recording because they had somewhere else they needed to be. It was kind of a bare session. We only recorded drums, bass, one acoustic rhythm guitar, an electric lead guitar, and a lead vocal. Near the end of the session, they had time to do one more thing, and thank God they chose to do two more takes of the lead vocal.

     I thought it was gonna be tough to make this sound really big, but Melodyne goes a long way. I've got the vocal doubled during the chorus and added some harmonies. I also used Melodyne Editor to double the acoustic guitar, and it turned out surprisingly well. It still sounds a little funky in mono, but as I said, I've also been studying while doing this. I'll actually get crackin on it at school. I'm just doing some minor things now so I can get it out of the way and really make use of the studio for mixing. For the record, I'm usually not the type of guy that turns to Melodyne to fix all my problems. It was really my only option in this case, and it did the trick. But anywho.... I guess I need to finish studying and get to bed.

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  1. Ha good story. I never knew that audio engineering was so crazy :P But I know it'll pay off for you man.