Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Money is dumb and I hate it

     I was doing more work on my assignment which requires me to design a studio, make a list of all expenses, and write a mini-business plan... well apparently opening a "modest" studio costs enough money to make me want to die (a little). I could totally go way cheaper, but I guess my standards are a little too high :(
     I know you'd realistically have to get a loan, but my credit sucks, so I guess opening a studio is out of the question for me lol. But for someone who has some money or the ability to get a loan, it actually doesn't cost too much to open up a decent studio. It would definitely cost twice as much as your car (unless you have a super nice car). But if you don't care about being super snazzy, you could totally open up a nice studio for less than the cost of an SSL.... and I mean an old SSL.
     In summary, someone give me a winning lottery ticket. If not, I guess I can accept that there are certain things I'll never have.
Speaking of things I'll never have, here's me using the school's SSL G4000+
     I'm gonna miss that thing so bad. I will admit that I like the convenience of doing everything in-the-box and not having to recall a bunch of settings every time I do a session, but.... it's a freakin SSL! And I doubt any studio that I get a job at would just let me use their SSL in my free time lol


  1. Ah yes, the old cost to benefit ratio. How fun, I don't envy you there man. But with some projects you can build cheap in such a way to easily facilitate future upgrades.

    You can have your high standards, you'll just be gaining them over time.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, thought I would check out yours in return!



  2. I would love the ability to give out winning lottery tickets.

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  3. Maybe you really will win the lottery...

  4. amen brutha. too much trouble with currency, why can't the world run on a system of exchanging services? money has no intrinsic value. it's dumb and i hate it as well :P