Thursday, September 9, 2010


     Hey. I'm planning on doing my next post about something super cool involving binaural mixing. I, once again, don't have time to make a real post. I have final exams week after next, and I have 2 projects that are due before then, so I'm extremely busy. Also, I'm having to master some tracks for a guy (I also did the mixes, but that was several weeks ago) and meet up with him tomorrow morning to get paid!
     Also, I'm trying to set up my own little business. I already kinda have one going, but it hasn't been too much since I've been busy with school. I'll be doing mixing and mastering, but now I need a business name since I'm gonna be accepting credit cards n shit. I'll be setting up a website too, so I need the name for that also. But as it turns out, some asshat already named his band Mantooth Music and already has So I guess I'll be changing the name of my blog too.... dammit. Anyways, I'll have that binaural mixing article up soon.

     By the way, sorry I haven't got a chance to read anyone else's new posts! I just now got a few minutes free to do this. But now, back to mastering!


  1. Good luck! How about "Mantooth Productions"?

  2. I hate it when you have a great name or a great idea, and you come to find that it's been done.

  3. Credo Music imo
    Sorry, I'm crap at coming up with names. Hell, I John Dryden was a playwright/poet.

    So, I've got some friends getting a band together. How feasible would it be to maybe somehow to some mixing/masterin' for them? Probably a retarded question, but I don't know any better.

  4. mantooth... that's what my brother called his teacher last year