Wednesday, September 22, 2010


     Yay! I have an ear infection! At least I hope it's an ear infection. If not, then something pretty gnarly is going on inside there.

     So yeah, I haven't done any work on the kit today or most of last night. Shit hurts, man. But I did take my last final exam today. I don't know the exact score yet, but I was told it looked like a mid-to-high A. I scored 100% on my theory final. I don't know what my grade is for my Pro Tools final, but I know I did good. I'll have to call in a week to get grades for my Pro Tools and SSL finals. So fuck yeah! All I have left to do is an exit interview.

     I'll have that drum shit finished this weekend. I won't be working on it tomorrow for sure because of my ear. I have a doctor's appointment Friday, but hopefully it'll be feeling a little better by then. I gotta teach my first class on Saturday, so I'll come home and finish the drums Saturday night and Sunday morning.

     I did, however, make some snazzy skins for the kit. I figured I might as well do something productive even if I can't listen to stuff. This is sort of what it'll look like when it's all collapsed and everything is hidden, except the labels will be different... something other than "Button 1" and "Rotary 3"... and everything will be labeled different on the cymbals. That's just a preset I loaded to test the skin with. I'll end up putting tuner knobs for individual toms, the kick and snare, a knob to tighten the heads, to choke the cymbals, and a bunch of shat like that.

     So I did decide I'm gonna add effects. Not much though. Just some tape and tube emulation, and 1 really nasty sounding distortion chain. Not doing any time-based effects.


  1. Love the skins! And congrats on the ear infection!!!

    Wow, you're pretty smart huh? I don't know how to do any of that stuff.

  2. Oof, hope that ear bit clears up.

  3. I sure know about ear-trouble..
    Just make sure you let it rest and it will be fine!

    And the skins look awesome! Diversity makes work ez!
    Keep it up friend!

  4. i used to get ear infections when i was a kid. shti sucked man.

    i had to get tubes in my ears.

  5. Man I effing hate ear infections :(

    Cool skins, btw!

  6. Hahh hope you get better with your ear infection!

    Damn dude, read all your posts. All this looks complicated a hell